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fay medical

Welcome to F.A.Y.Medical

Specialist Business Medical Suppliers

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fay medical
fay medical

At F.A.Y.Medical, we strive to enhance the way in which a company’s medical requirements are provided for.

Medical Requirements Made Simple

fay medical
fay medical

We can offer companies a single point of contact for all its medical needs, while maintaining a cost effective, reliable and friendly service that is of the highest quality.

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Our comprehensive range of medical products has been composed by our expert medical advisors, with over 27 years of experience in the industry. 

At F.A.Y.Medical we have worked with our customers for over a decade to enhance the effectiveness and cost efficiency of the medical products we offer, in order to suit the essential medical requirements of a company's workplace.  

Training Courses

 Established and run by experienced First Aid Teachers and Ambulance Service Paramedics with extensive real world insights. At F.A.Y.Medical we pride ourselves on being a high quality training course provider that delivers a wide range of regulated qualifications to cater for a company's requirements, big or small. 



The F.A.Y.Medical team assist all types of business across the country to comply with the current HSE & BSI legislation and guidelines for providing first aid in the workplace. With our decades of experience, your company can have peace of mind that its workplace will be 100% compliant, all year round.


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